McKinley Claire
I'm McKinley
paperback goddess.
the binded babe.
jack of all tradebooks.

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Jack Kerouac

Nothing behind me
Everything ahead of me
As if ever so
on the road

one thing i’ve noticed whenever i bring up how i’m going traveling, the most common response is always ‘oh i wish i could do that.’ or ‘take me with you but jkjkjk i can’t do that’
and it’s just
why are you so comfortable rotting here
just fucking leave
you walk out the door and you realize it was all you born to do so just fucking get out of here
if a fuck up of an adult like me can do it then anyone can and i don’t understand these excuses.

bout this time tomorrow i’m gonna be on the road so i can’t really sleep tbh i need to get out of here

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